"Our Mission"

Old Timers Connection was created to provide local, regional and national help to new ham radio operators. By hosting a weekly net, we are offering curious operators answers to questions concerning the appropriate use of licensed Ham frequencies. We welcome everyone and anyone who is interested in Ham radio. Come join the fun!

There is something for everyone in Ham radio. Ares (Amateur Radio Emergency Service), World Wide Communications, Digital Radio Comm, Weather Watch are only a few of the many exciting features of modern radio.

We are here for your education and enjoyment.

Come join us every Sunday evening from 7:00pm until (?)....

We hope to offer streaming internet access to our net in the near future to extend our reach to those who are out of our area and would like to participate.

To those who like to use echolink, we're on it!!!

NEWS! Echolink is now up and running! Just log into Echolink and connect to KD8VHE-L. We're there for QSO's and questons. We look forward to hearing you on our net or anytime for contact!

3/8/14 Net brought up discussion concerning the legality of police scanners.
We'd like to thank KD8BLW and N8RWI for sending us this link to the
State of MichiganPenal Code -
Act328 of 1931 750.508

This spells out what you can and can't do with your scanner!


Weather safety 1

Weather safety 2

Storm Reporting Procedures

In the HAM tradition

On 6/14/14 KK4HIR (Mike), KD8NNY (John) and KD8VHE (Kevin) helped fellow HAM KD8BLW (Neal) put up a new tower and antennas.
(See photo and link to the right)
We had a lot of laughs but kept right to the book with safety and procedure. Guy wires were always attached as well as climbing harness and safety gear.
This was a large tower almost 50' with an Antron and JPole to get Neal off and running.
He's gonna get out now!
*Update-- KK4HIR and KD8NNY went back and finished the job getting both the Antron and JPole secruely mounted.

check back often for updates.

Please stand by....

"Keepin' it Simplex!"

Join us every Sunday night at 7:00pm
Simplex operating mode, 2 Meter
146.480 frequency
Located In Monroe, Michigan

Latitude: 41.918629 Longitude: -83.40271
Locator: EN81HW

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Home Base - Elmer Reference


WB8VLO (Ron - Net Controller AKA Grand Poobah)
KC8IQ (Ed)

WD8QKJ (John)
KD8MGT (Clarence)
KC8RQI (Terry - Net Controller)
N8UAS (Frank)
N8OQH (Rod)

All Elmers are welcome and encouraged to join in!!

DX &DX Tools

Testing Support

Antenna Projects
DX Watch.com
DX Watch
SkyWarn Spotter Registration
2Band Dipole
2 Meter Adjustable
Diana Eng shows how antennas power up!

Click here for photos of OTC in action!


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